Blog Post Types You Can Use To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Blog Post Types You Can Use To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

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Raise your hand if you want to make money with your blog.

Many bloggers start using affiliate marketing as a way to bring in some income with their blog.

But in order to do that you need to be able to incorporate affiliate links in your blog content.

In this post I go over the blog post types you can use to start making money with affiliate marketing on your blog.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

To give the short short version, affiliate marketing is where you promote products or services to your audience for a merchant.

In exchange when you refer a customer that makes a purchase from that merchant, you get a commission. It might be a percentage of the sale, or it could also be a flat rate.

If you would like the longer more in-depth version of all about affiliate marketing for bloggers and all it’s terminology you can check out this post:

Affiliate Marketing 101: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Blog Post Types to Use to make money with Affiliate Marketing

Blog Post Types To Use For Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

List Posts and Round Ups

List Posts and Round Ups are great blog post types to get new content out on your blog and have affiliate links being promoted. These post are lists that lead your reader to a goal that they need to get to.

For example I have lists post when it comes to WordPress Plugins, or 17 Mistakes You Might Be Making On Pinterest.

You could have a round up of Kitchen Cookware That’s Retro Red, or Top Gifts for Bookworms, etc.

Huge plus with this blog post type, they are super popular when it comes to Pinterest. People love lists.


Reviews are an awesome blog post type to use for affiliate link promotion.

Many times when someone is contemplating purchasing something they want to know what other’s experiences were like.

Just remember, if there is something that you didn’t like about the product or if you didn’t like it at all, tell your readers. Building trust is essential in any area of blogging if you want to be successful. Misleading your readers is going to get you no where.

How To Posts/Tutorials

Most products or services can have some type of how to post or tutorial for them.

If you can show your readers how to do something using a tool or service that you have and affiliate link for, then this is a great opportunity to get them to take a closer look at what it can offer them and how they can benefit from using it.

For example, my most popular tutorial is my Step by Step Guide on How to Set Up Your Blog On SiteGround. In that tutorial I go through each step someone needs to take when starting a WordPress blog on SiteGround hosting.

How to posts and tutorials are another type of blog post that is super popular for getting traffic from sources like Pinterest.

Comparison Posts

Product and service comparison posts are also very popular blog post types for promoting affiliate links.

These blog posts can help your audience determine which product or service is best for their needs.

Many times these are like a review blog post, but giving the pros and cons when putting one product up against the other.


Having a resource page or a resource post is a must for any blogger. These are like a list of the tools, products, and services you use personally and that can help your readers out.

It helps your readers know what are some of the tools that are great to use for the niche that your blog is in.

You might be surprised at how many of the tools and services your use within your niche have affiliate programs.

Go to the website of something you are using daily and check out the footer of the page. Most of the time you will find a link down there that says affiliate program or referral program.

Some bloggers’ resource pages are their #1 earner when it comes to affiliate sales.


You are bound to have preferences when it comes to different stuff in you blog niche.

Maybe you have a set of courses you found to be of the most help. Or perhaps certain books that really helped you out.

Make a post with your favorites, and more than likely some of these favorites are going to have affiliate programs that you can include your affiliate links for them.


Interview blog posts work really well when you interview the creator of the service or product. You can give a background of the creator and also do a review at the same time.

These blog post types can be for courses you’ve taken, eBooks you’ve read, or services you use for your niche.

Other Ways You Can Promote Affiliate Links Besides Blog Posts

There are plenty of other ways you can promote your affiliate links besides just using blog posts.

You can use things like your social media accounts, opt-in freebies, or courses that you make.

Check out my post on How to Promote Affiliate Links for more ways to promote your affiliate links:

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Finding Affiliate Programs

If you are a new blogger or a blogger that’s looking for more affiliate programs and networks, I have a post on The Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers that can show you some of the most popular and easy to join affiliate programs and affiliate networks.

If you want even more you can also get my Affiliate Programs List for Bloggers below.

Another way to find affiliate programs is just to google the company you’re looking at and add affiliate program after the name. Many times you can find some info on an affiliate program for that company if they have one.

Blog post types you can use to make money with affiliate marketing

Additional Resources for Affiliate Marketing

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Knowing where and when to promote affiliate links is one of the biggest keys to being successful with affiliate marketing as a blogger.

One great resource I’ve used when it comes to learning affiliate marketing strategies is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

In this course Michelle, from Making Sense of Cents, teaches the strategies she used to go from making $0 to making $50,000 and more per month with her blog.

So if increasing your blogging income by using affiliate marketing is something you want, then this course is well worth it to help you reach your income goals.

If you would like to learn more check out Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing here.

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