Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers

Affiliate Marketing 101: Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers

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Are you a new blogger in need of some affiliate programs to monetize your blog, but aren’t sure which ones are good for newbies? Or maybe you aren’t a newbie at blogging but are at monetization and affiliate marketing.

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When you first start blogging and try to get started with affiliate marketing it can be a bit daunting trying to find new blog friendly affiliate programs. There are so many programs and networks out there to try. However when just starting out blogging it can be harder to get into some of those affiliate programs.

Below we have some of the best affiliate programs and affiliate networks for new bloggers.

If you are looking for affiliate programs with recurring payments check out The Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Bloggers.

Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers


ShareASale is a very beginner blogger friendly affiliate program.

This affiliate network has been around for 19 years. They offer pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-click affiliate programs.

Minimum payout is $50, and you can choose from direct deposit, mailed check or a wire payment.

ShareASale is one of my favorite networks out of all of the affiliate networks available. They make it easy for new bloggers and new affiliate marketers to get started. There are plenty of affiliate programs in the network, making it easy to find something for any niche.

The only cons I have with this affiliate network is that when a merchant goes offline (meaning their funds have been depleted) your links stop working. Other affiliate networks still have the links go through, you just wouldn’t get any commissions during that time-frame. I hope one day ShareASale will join other networks in letting the links work at all times.

Some of the more popular individual programs you’ll find in ShareASale (this is a VERY small sample of merchants available, ShareASale has over 3,000 merchants in their network):

  • Tailwind (15% recurring commission, this way you keep earning instead of just a one time flat commission, $.50 per lead)
  • NameCheap (30% commission per sale)
  • DollarTree (5% commission per sale)
  • PicMonkey (30% commission for an initial purchase, 15% commission for renewals or additional purchases)
  • Etsy (as long as you don’t have an Etsy store)
  • Grammarly ($20 per sale, $0.20 per lead)
  • The Hungry JPEG (20% per sale)

You can sign up for ShareASale here.


FlexOffers is another great affiliate program for bloggers.

This affiliate network is full of opportunities for bloggers to earn money with some big brands.

FlexOffers has over 12,000 advertisers in their network. They have over 1,600 in the Apparel category alone, so this is an affiliate network that has some great potential for fashion bloggers.

If you’re looking for big name brands to promote on your website then this is a affiliate network you should join.

Some of the popular brands that offer affiliate programs through FlexOffers are:

  • Macy’s
  • Barnes&Noble
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • DirectTV
  • Marriot
  • Nike

You can sign up for FlexOffers here.


VigLink is a affiliate program network that is unique compared to other affiliate networks.

With VigLink you are able to get access to thousands of affiliate programs after joining VigLink.

There will be times that an affiliate program might deny you, and most of the time you can find that same affiliate program in VigLink and participate through using the VigLink program.

There are some exceptions though. Some programs still require that you get individual approval to participate through VigLink. One such program is Amazon. Although the amount of programs that do require this is very small compared to the rest that you automatically get once your account is activated with VigLink.

Another unique feature with VigLink, that can really come in handy for some bloggers, is you can put their code on your site and it will convert existing outgoing links to affiliate links so you don’t have to worry about where to find affiliate programs to join. You can also set this to pick out text and create affiliate links in your content if you prefer.

You can sign up for VigLink here.


Skimlinks is similar to VigLink. However the 2 have a few different affiliate programs within their network.

Like VigLink, Skimlinks gives you the ability to put code on your website or blog to link to products and you get commissions through any purchases people make when they use those links from your site.

Skimlinks does have a better user interface than VigLink, and I prefer using their platform when I’m trying to find merchants and see what offers are available. For the affiliate marketer Skimlinks has tons of more information than VigLink has to offer.

But it will depend on your merchant preferences and your niche, you might find one is better than the other for your. Or you can be like me an use both networks.

You can sign up for Skimlinks here.

Tasty Links by Wp Tasty


Awin is another new blogger friendly affiliate network.

The main thing with Awin is you must sign up using $5 payment, this is credited to your account and you will get it back with your first payment form them. This is done to ensure that Awin is getting quality affiliates.

The other main complaint about Awin is their user interface, it’s not great. However if you are like me and have an Etsy store already but want to participate in the Etsy affiliate program then Awin is a needed network.

They also have other big name brands you can partner with. Some are listed below:

  • Etsy (you can join through Awin if you have an Etsy Store yourself)
  • AliExpress
  • Motley Fool
  • TripAdvisor Rentals
  • Fiverr
  • GlossyBox

You can sign up for Awin here.

Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate Bundles has bundles for eBooks, courses and other sources for many topics. The bundles offer a package of these eBooks and courses at a discounted price. The discount can go up to over 90% off.

Bundle topics range from productivity, health, blogging, meal plans, and much more. Many bundles are offered for a limited time only, and as an affiliate you get the schedule so you know what offers are coming up.

This is a great affiliate program for new bloggers, there are many niches that these bundles are useful for. Also with such a good v

With Ultimate Bundles you’ll get 40% commission on sales of the bundles.

You can sign up for the Ultimate Bundles affiliate program here.

Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing used to go by Linkshare. This is another one of the top affiliate networks. It’s easy to join the network, you do have to individually apply to individual programs just like in ShareASale.

Rakuten Marketing has thousands of programs that you can choose to join. Some of the major retailers that you can partner with:

  • WalMart
  • Calvin Klein
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Udemy

You can sign up for Rakuten Marketing here.

Ebay Partner Network

With Ebay Partner Network you can link to anything being sold on Ebay.

EPN is a great affiliate program for new bloggers. With Ebay being so big it is great for many blogging niches from interior design blogs to bargain hunting or electronics niches.

Ebay Partner Network makes it very easy to share what you find on ebay, just convert the link to any product in their affiliate platform and use that link to send traffic.

You can sign up for Ebay Partner Network here.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate used to go by Commission Junction, and is one of the largest affiliate networks out there.

$50 is the minimum payout for and if you don’t make sales within 6 months they do close your account.

You can sign up for CJ Affiliate here.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is the big guy for affiliate programs. Just about everyone shops on Amazon so it makes converting sales easy as they are a well known online retailer. This makes Amazon a good option for an affiliate program for new bloggers.

Anyone can sign up for Amazon, but they will review your account at some point. You have to have good content and not copy content. And you need to make three sales within the first 90 days or they will close your account and you have to start all over again with them.

Here is a good list of some of the things you should not do if you are an Amazon Associate.

You can sign up for Amazon Associates here.

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14 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing 101: Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers”

    1. I highly recommend Shareasale if you are just starting out with affiliate networks and want to get a feel for it. There’s not any pressure with them to get a sale within a time-frame. Viglink is another good one if you want something that gives you access to tons of affiliate programs.

  1. I’m not a new blogger but I am fairly new to affiliate programs so this is incredibly handy! I’ll have to check some of these out and see if they’d work for me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I always surf another website for get more information about affiliate marketing this is first time i found any post related to affiliates. Found some few points which i think help in my affiliate niche. The biggest problem i always faced which i thought about which niche is best for my blog so i can make money online. Choosing niche i think is biggest challenge.

    1. Amazon doesn’t have a minimum for blog traffic in order to join the Amazon affiliate program. However you do have to get a certain number of orders to be able to stay in the Amazon affiliate program. The last time I checked they required a minimum of 3 sales within the first 180 days.

  3. FlexOffers sounds like something tailored for me! Fashion niche – check, apparel – check, affiliate – check, blogging – check. Does anyone actually have experience working with Flex? Once I pick my brand I am going to commit fully. I am not going to go after a few markets but I just want one treating it with my full attention. Is it worth to go with FlexOffers?

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