AI Content Writing Tools for Bloggers: Should You Use Them?

AI Content Writing Tools for Bloggers: Should You Use Them?

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The biggest buzz going around right now is about AI content writing tools. There are mixed opinions about these among bloggers. Some bloggers say that they use them and they think that they are great and others are digging their heels in the dirt and refusing to even try because they think every last AI content writing tool is pure, well, crap.

With complete polar opposite opinions of seasoned bloggers, what should you do? Should you use AI for content or not? My opinion on this subject of such differing opinions? I think you should at least try it out.

Now hear me out before you start shaking your head.

Robots Writing Blogs

Robots Taking Over?

AI is a developing technology. And when I think about technology of any sort coming into any industry I remember my grandparents.

My grandfather was a blue-collar machine operator in factories like DuPont, and he retired early.

He didn’t retire because he hit the retirement age or his pension was just too much to refuse. My grandfather retired because he refused to learn those “convoluted computers” that were starting to enter the factory. He just flat out refused to take any training or even begin to look at any computer.

My grandmother was also just about as stubborn with the new technology of computers. She did the bookkeeping for our family business and she absolutely refused to learn how to use a computer to help her. We even bought a computer and bought Quicken and tried to teach her. Nope, she wouldn’t have it. Instead, she would spend 15+ hours doing something that the computer would make an hour or two.

What does this have to do with AI content writing tools? It’s the same story, just insert blogging or content development for the occupation and AI writing tools for computers.

Refusing to learn about developing technology that is entering the scene and adapting to it leaves you behind no matter what you do. And that is why I think learning how to incorporate AI tools into blogging is something every blogger should at least try. You might be suprised at what a month of playing around with one will teach you.

Can AI Replace Content Writers?

Can AI Replace Content Writers?

Are AI content writing tools going to replace bloggers or content writers? Well, not anytime soon that’s for sure.

Looking back on the last 30 years people have constantly predicted computers were going to replace human workers. Plenty of people still find they are needed in the workplace. Sure computers and technology have done away with some jobs. And AI will probably start pulling some of the weight for creating content on websites, but it’s not going to be all AI and no humans.

AI content writing tools are not perfect. Often you put in an idea and you get crap out of them. This is why you will hear the opinion that they are not a good thing to use or spend money on. But the problem is this often comes from putting in information that is too general in the tool and then the person trying it out just stops because they were expecting some litarary masterpiece to come from an AI software tool.

I had the same thing happen to me when I tried out Rytr. I tried their free trial and wasn’t impressed. But I thought about how stubborn people can be with new tech and just give up when the first try goes bad. Or isn’t what you thought it was going to be. So I decided to just go ahead and pay for a month of Rytr to see how I could work with this thing since the monthly sub would get me unlimited characters.

And wouldn’t you know, the more I fiddled around with this AI writing tool the more uses I found for it for my websites.

Is it going to write whole articles for me? Definitely not.

There is no way I would even begin to take what these tools spit out and think that is a great thing to just slap up on my website for all the world to see.

You will still need to change it up and fact-check anything that comes out of these AI content writing tools.

If you go into trying these tools out thinking that they are supposed to be a magic bullet that is going to be a quick answer to getting 100s of posts up on a niche site you are going to be disappointed. Either by what comes out of it or when your site doesn’t perform to your expectations because you decided to use everything as is.

For an example, take “Why everyone should adopt a shelter cat” for Rytr’s Blog Section Writing:

I put that into the tool and got this back:

I mean is that terrible? For a machine coming up with that in about 30 seconds, it’s not bad. But it’s not great content either.

There are some things that need to be fact-checked and redone by a human that has knowledge on the subject.

One example: there is a bigger difference between shelter cats and cats from a breeder besides just where they come from. Sure you can find purebreds in a shelter, but you don’t exactly see someone advertising purebred orange tabby cats now do you? So that sentence needs to be taken out or changed to something that is really factual.

But with this AI-generated content, we have a start of something. This could be something to use as a starting point for an introduction or even a social media post. And all it took was about 30 seconds after pressing a button.

Now maybe you think “I could come up with that in 30 seconds” if that is the case then more power to you. Anytime I try to force intros out of my brain and into writing it just goes and does a big ol’ derp.

How I Use AI Content Writing Tools

After spending some time getting a feel for the Rytr AI writing tool I have actually found it useful for content creation in some parts of my blogging and niche sites.

It’s become part of my tool kit that I use for websites. They help me save time on more of the smaller things in blogging.

I am a very factual person. Creating introductions can be an issue for me on some of my niche sites. I’m not a super bubbly person in real life and I like to just get straight to the point. So I can use the AI to help me flesh out my introductions on my niche sites.

I’ve also used it for Pinterest pin descriptions and pin titles.

Using the AI tool as a way to help create social media posts has been another great way to help me get over my brick walls when it comes to managing other aspects of the blog, besides just creating content.

Sometimes when I get writers’ block the AI tools can also help get the ball rolling for me when I’m trying to get a post done. Or help me create a meta description, because I don’t know about you but I loathe creating those for some reason.

Another way that I use them is for rewriting PLR articles since those need to be edited so you don’t have the same exact content as another person using that PLR. (What is PLR Content?)

There are many ways AI content writing tools can be useful for bloggers. The key is to stop thinking that the tool is supposed to give you some magical, award winning article that you can just put up on your site. I know that is how many of the AI tool companies are advertising their software. But these tools just don’t work well for that.

Which AI Writing Tool?

What AI Writing Tool Should You Use?

So far I’ve only played around with a few. has shown some promise and I like their price point for a subscription. I will probably continue to use that one.

I tried out a couple other AI Writing software free trials and wasn’t impressed.

One said that there was an AI writing tool in their software. But where you could find that in their trial software is beyond me. By the time I was done with the 3 things I tried the “5 credits” were almost spent. So I gave up on that one.

If you are someone who works for one of the companies, make sure your software makes your tools easy to find. Making it hard for potential customers to find what you are selling is not a good way to gain those customers.

Another one I tried was just repeating iteself over and over so that one was out.

The next one I am going to try is They have a free trial and there has been a lot of people talking about this one lately. Granted they have a pretty nice affiliate program. So I’m sure that is some of the motivation behind all the hoopla. I will add my update here once I’ve had time to really use it.

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AI Content Writing Tools for Bloggers: Should You Use Them?

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  1. Ooh great post! I’ve seen a lot of other bloggers raving about AI tools. I have to say I prefer to write myself, but that’s my personal choice. I can see how it can be a useful tool!

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