What is PLR Content and How To Use It

What Is PLR Content And How To Use It

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You might have seen PLR content mentioned here and there in blogging groups and wondered what is PLR content?

PLR is short for Private Label Rights.

You might also hear it being called Done For You Content or DFY Content.

What that basically means is the person who created this content is happy to sell it to you (or give it to you in the case of PLR freebies) and have you use it however you would like. Most of the time you get the full ability to customize and edit this content however you see fit.

You can sell PLR products, use it as content on your site, or give away PLR content. Of course this all depends on what the individual PLR licence allows you to do with it. So make sure to read what is and is not allowed with the PLR you acquire.

Isn’t PLR Plagiarism?

No, PLR content is not plagiarism. The difference with PLR is that you are given all the rights to use the content exactly as it is when you get it.

There will usually a PLR licence that comes with the content. In this licence the creator will tell you what is and is not allowed with their PLR content. For example many will have a licence term that you cannot resell the PLR rights to the PLR content. That means you can’t get the PLR from them and then turn around and sell it as PLR.

Won’t Everyone Else Who Has The Same PLR Have The Same Content As Me If I Use PLR?

No not everyone will have the same content if they are using the same PLR as you. You always want to change the PLR that you buy. That means going in, rewording things, add your own knowledge and your own personal style.

The great thing about PLR is that you can chop it up, combine it, or rewrite it. The possibilities are endless with what you can do with PLR content. So you won’t have the same thing as everyone else has that also purchased the PLR.

What Is PLR Content and how to use PLR for your blog or content creation.

Types of PLR

PLR content is available in many forms of content that you can use:

  • Pre-written articles and Blog Posts
  • Courses
  • Ebooks
  • Videos
  • Reports
  • Product Reviews
  • Checklists
  • Worksheets
  • Coloring Pages
  • Recipes
  • Printables
  • Email Sequences
  • Coaching Programs
  • Workshops
  • Pre-made Advertisements
  • Sales Pages
  • Lead Magnets
  • Social Media Graphics and Posts
  • Social Media Templates
  • Images

As you can see, you can get just about anything that you need to make content for your website, blog, emails, or social media.

Understanding All The Different Types of Rights and License Terms with PLR Content

It is very easy to get confused by all of the different rights that different PLR content has.

Different PLR sellers have different rights and different licences that they give with their content. So it’s good to know all the lingo so you know what you are getting with PLR content.

When you buy or get free PLR content you will get a license and a list of terms. This will tell you what you can and cannot do with the PLR you purchased.

These terms are usually shown on the sales page for the PLR content, that way you know what you are purchasing and how you can use it. If it says it’s PLR but nothing is listed in the terms, don’t buy it. You want to know exactly what the terms and conditions are on the PLR you are paying for.

Common Types of PLR Rights

Private Label Rights

Private Label Rights give you the most flexibility when it comes to personalizing and re-branding the content that you purchase.

You might be asking “Well doesn’t PLR just automatically come with Private Label Rights?” Not all the time.

I know it can be a bit confusing.

Where this comes into play most of the time is in PLR bundles, you might have 90% of the PLR bundle being able to be edited by you and personalized and some bonus that is thrown in there doesn’t have that part. So just make sure to read everything in the terms and licence for your PLR you get.

Make sure that when you are buying PLR that says you can make it your own with Private Label Rights and that you are getting editable source files. Usually these are a word .doc and .txt files. Occasionally you might see .rtf files in there too.

Resell Rights

Many PLR membership sites will have resell rights products.

Most often these types of products are in what is called a “Biz in a Box” PLR package.

These types of packages will have PDFs or MP4s, which aren’t editable. This means you can resell the PDFs, videos, audio or other type of content but you can’t edit them.

Usually these are best not to get or waste your money on. Yes you can resell them as is, but so can anyone else that gets them. You have no way to distinguish yourself from everyone else with these.

Master Resell Rights

These are just like Resell Rights, except that the people you sell them to can also sell them. You are able to pass along the resell rights to these products.

Again just like Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights really aren’t worth it. Anyone can get them, often they’re in packages of hundreds of thousands of pieces of content that you can only just resell.

Giveaway Rights

These are PLR products you can give away as a freebie. You can use these as bonuses or freebies to help you build your email list. Depending on the particular product you may be able to edit these or you may not. Most PLR sellers will specify in the terms what you can do with the content if you plan to give it away.

Unrestricted Rights

Products with unrestricted rights have very few restrictions on what you can and can’t do with them. Most of the time you can do whatever you want, be sure to read the fine print when things say unrestricted though. Majority of the time there will be a restriction that you can’t give these away. I know that kind of goes against the name unrestricted.

But with most PLR content with unrestricted rights you can even resell these with PLR rights, master resell rights, and even edit them as you please.

However, most of the unrestricted PLR I’ve come across is not too good, not much effort goes into most of these, there are exceptions though.

PLR Reseller Rights

These are a hard to come by resell right in PLR, it’s not offered too much. This type of resell right allows you to sell the PLR as your own PLR. You are able to include the source files and become the PLR seller yourself.

This is a great type of PLR to get if you want to start amassing PLR to open your own PLR store.

Common PLR Terms

In addition to the rights you get PLR terms telling you some specifics of what is allowed and not allowed

Some of the most common terms you will find on PLR are the following:

PLR Term: “You May Not Use My Name With This PLR”

This is very common. You aren’t allowed to use the PLR seller’s name is to prevent any future issues down the road. Let’s say someone bought some PLR, edited it with some bad info or didn’t deliver what they said they were going to, if their name is in this content then the end user is going to start trying to track them down instead of the person they got it from.

PLR Term: “Do Not Pass Along Rights To Others”

This PLR term means that you cannot sell or giveaway the private label rights for the content to other people.

This is also making sure when you get the source files, once you change them into what you want the content to be, you aren’t giving that out in the same Word doc or Text file format. You need to make sure that you convert your PLR into something that is un-editable, like a PDF, blog post, or a Video as a final product.

The only time you can pass along rights like this to others is if it comes with certain resell rights like I mentioned in the previous section. Things like Master Resell Rights, PLR Resell Rights, or Resell Rights. Then you can pass rights along as stipulated in the licence.

PLR Term: “You May Not Claim Copyright To The Content”

Since PLR is purchased by more than one person you cannot claim copyright to that content. Once you re-brand and re-purpose the content however you can claim copyright because you now have a unique product that someone else doesn’t have, but you have to make sure that you have done this. Otherwise what you are using is the same exact thing as what someone else is using.

PLR Term: Price Limits

Some PLR Sellers have a price limit on the product you sell from the PLR package. Most of the time this comes with the terms when there are resell rights involved where you can transfer rights by reselling the PLR content.

PLR Term: Membership Sites

There are sometimes that PLR sellers put restrictions on if the PLR can be put on membership sites. Again like the price limits this is usually a stipulation tied to resell rights.

Pros And Cons of Using PLR Content

One of the biggest pros of using PLR content is that you can save tons of time.

Running a blog or any website is time consuming as we all know. And we all have lives outside of our blogs and sites. Creating content from scratch is a huge time sink in blogging and content creation. So any chance you can get to shave off some time working on stuff is a win win for me.

Another pro is that perhaps you are someone who hates trying to come up with new ideas, or you hate writing content from scratch. PLR can save you a headache if you fall into one of those categories.

PLR can also be great for jogging the creativity in your mind. Remember you can change what you want with your PLR as long as the licence allows it. So just looking over some pre-written content can spark tons of ideas and give you the stepping stones for making some great stuff.

The largest con of using PLR is that anyone else has the same availability to purchase it just like you did.

So you will still need to do some work on the PLR to make it unique when you use it. You do not want to use PLR as is on your website. That is not good for SEO.

Google wants unique and original content to put you higher in search rankings. So make sure you change up any PLR you use.

Another con of PLR is that some of it is just bad. There are plenty of PLR sellers out there who try to sell something they shouldn’t even give away. This is why you need to be mindful of what PLR you are buying and who you are buying it from.

Be Careful With Which PLR Content You Buy

Not all PLR content is made as a good quality piece of content.

There are tons of PLR out on the internet for sale, some of it very, very cheap.

And cheap PLR does not equal good PLR.

You might have even heard many people complain how bad PLR content is. And they are not lying, there is plenty of bad PLR out there.

There is a stigma that comes with the name PLR on a product.

This is because there is a ton of PLR out there that is horrible, and some that is just so so.

But there is some PLR out there that is high quality and is great to use.

One of the biggest indicators that the PLR is good quality is that the seller is someone who is recommended by many people who use PLR. If you start looking around you are going to see certain PLR sellers mentioned over and over again.

Also you can try out PLR with PLR freebies. Many PLR sellers have great free PLR that you can sample to get a feel for how good their PLR products are.

Another indicator is price, if you are getting a pack of 25 PLR articles for $5, it’s probably not good PLR.

How to Use PLR Content

With PLR, really the possibilities are only limited to your imagination and creativity.

When you buy PLR, you can edit the content to use it as you need or want.

This means you can take an eBook or report and divide it up into separate blog articles.

Or you can take a series of articles and make a small eBook to sell.

PLR articles could also be combined into bigger articles. Or you can add them on to existing blog posts that you have on the subject.

You can give away things like checklists, reports, worksheets, ebooks, or whatever you want as long as the licence allows. Use PLR this way to have an opt in or content upgrade to help you build your email list.

You can use PLR social media content to help build your brand on social media.

Use PLR email sequences to help you build out what you send your email list, or even as a sequence to promote a product.

PRL product reviews can be used to build out a good review post to promote an affiliate offer.

You can take separate PLR coloring pages and make a coloring book that you can sell or give some coloring pages away as a promotion.

PLR recipes can be used to help you build up recipes on a food blog, or combine them to make a digital cookbook.

You can get PLR niche packs to help you start up a niche website.

Make Sure You Rebrand or Repurpose to Make PLR Content Unique

I know I’ve already said it several times in this post. But this is the most important thing you need to do when using PLR content.

If you don’t make the content unique then it will hurt you in the long run.

Search engine ranking alone is going to really get pushed down if you don’t make PLR content unique.

If you just copy and paste PLR onto your website then Google is not going to put your content high up in the search rankings.

Also you need to make sure to do keyword research, and then use your keyword phrase in the content.

Always change the title, never leave it as it is when you purchased the PLR. Add your personal voice and your personal experience to the content too.

When I use PLR I rewrite everything. I like to think of PLR as a bare bones setup for content, it’s my guide but I have to fill everything in, it is just telling me the direction to go in.

You can accomplish so much with PLR when it comes to content creation. But just be sure to remember it’s a time saver but not an easy button. You will still have to put in some work.

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