How to Use PLR Articles to Get Content for Your Blog

How to Use PLR Articles to Get Content for Your Blog

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Have you ever heard someone say they started a blog or niche site over the weekend and already had 15 or more articles up and going?

I bet you were wondering how they were able to be SuperBlogger and get all that going in just a few days.

One of the handy dandy tools people use to pull this off is PLR content. I use it myself for new niche sites I create, it saves so much time.

Many new bloggers don’t know what PLR is or how to use PLR articles to help get more content for their blogs or niche sites.

In this post I go over what PLR is and how to use PLR articles to get content for your blog.

What is PLR?

PLR content comes in all forms, from pre-written articles, ebooks, reports, videos, product reviews and much more. Basically if you can make it and use it on the internet, it probably has a PLR for it.

PLR is the abbreviation for Private Label Rights. What this means is that you buy pre-written content that comes with a licence allowing you to modify that content or just use it as is and then use it for your blog or business.

It is also called DFY content, which stands for Done For You content, by some websites.You usually buy PLR in packs from sites that specialize in PLR content.

Why Use PLR Content?

If you have already started your blog or niche site, then you know how hard it is to keep constantly cranking out content and coming up with things to write about.

PLR Content can be a great tool for any website owner to have in their blogging toolkit bag.

When you are able to speed up the process of anything in blogging it’s priceless really. Using PLR content will save your time on the initial startup of any article or other type of content you are creating.

PLR content for me has been great for getting niche sites up and running. It’s even great for just jogging your mind to get ideas for articles flowing.

Time is never enough when it comes to the amount of content needed for just one blog. Add in getting multiple websites up and going and it’s super overwhelming at times.

Other things you can use PLR for is for opt-ins for your email list. There are plenty of PLR checklists, reports, and workbooks out there for just about every niche.

How to Use PLR Articles

First rule of using PLR articles or any other PLR content is never just copy and paste.

Second rule of using PLR is never talk about PLR, no just kidding, we’re talking about it right now! But I have to throw in a Fight Club reference when I can 🙂

Is This Cheating?

Now I know you might be going “OMG that’s cheating”. Not really, there’s about as much cheating in using PLR to create content as there is in using Pinterest templates to make your pins.

Someone has created this stuff FOR you to use. It’s exactly what the intention of the product is, so it’s not cheating. And if you use Google a bit covertly searching PLR content you might be a bit wide eyed at who all is using it. But more so for the fact that they’re using it as is. Big NONO!

Don’t Just Copy and Paste

Some people will just copy and paste PLR content and throw it up on a website. This is a recipe to get on Google’s bad side. They don’t like the same exact thing on multiple websites, so don’t do that.

We want Google to like us. Not think we aren’t unique so they shouldn’t show us off as much.

You NEED unique content, and if you copy and paste something, someone else is bound to do the same and then you will have copied content. And that’s just bad. Plus you need your personal touch on what you put up on your website.

I like to think of PLR as a bare-bones piece of content that I use to create content for my niche sites when I use it. It’s an outline for me.

Once I get a PLR article I use it as a template of writing the article. I have the bones now I need to add the flesh.

Most PLR articles are not going to be the big 1000+ worded articles that Google loves us to have. You will have 400 to 600 words on an average PLR article to get you started. Some higher quality PLR will have more and lower quality PLR will have less.

Get Your Keyword/Keyphrase

First thing I do is look the PLR article over and determine what would be the best keyword to use.

There’s two main keyword tools I use to do this, both are free to use up to a certain point, and those are Ubersuggest and Jaaxy.

Now my biggest suggestion is that if you find yourself going the route of needing keyword research often, it is totally worth getting a sub for at least a month and cranking out as many searches as you can to stock up on ideas for future content.

Change the PLR Article Title

You always want to make sure to change the title of the PLR article.

Never, never, never, never leave the title as is. I don’t care if it’s the best title you have seen in your life, change it.

If you need some help with coming up with article titles check out this article:

How To Write Catchy Blog Post Titles That Get Traffic

Reword All the Things

And after I change the title I just rewrite everything. Yep that’s right, I reword all of the sentences. Not everyone goes this route, but it’s just how I like to make sure my content is unique.

I have literally taken a 400 work PLR article and rewrote it into a 1300 word article. The trick to doing that is to already know about the niche so you can fill in the article with your knowledge.

Yes this might sound like a bunch of work, but really once you get used to doing this it’s very easy and fast to go through and reword sentences and add what you already know. It sure beats trying to come up with stuff from scratch every time you need more content. I don’t know about you but, “ain’t nobody got time for that”.

But if you don’t want to go through rewriting the whole thing, be sure to change at least 50% of the content and then fluff it out a bit.

Another way you can help save time with rewriting is to use AI content writing tools to help with the process. (AI Content Writing Tools for Bloggers)

One free tool you can use is a plagiarism checker to make sure you don’t end up having content someone else is using. And you can also know which sentences you absolutely have to change. I use this one from

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix It Up

Just because you get a PLR Article pack with 5 articles doesn’t mean you have to create 5 different articles out of them.

You can do anything you want. You purchased these with a license allowing you to make them your own and change them to how you would like them.

So if you want to create a mega article with all 5, or just longer articles with 2 or 3 of the PLR articles combined you can do that. The PLR world is your oyster.

Where Can You Find PLR and Done For You Content?

Now to be honest there can be some really crappy PLR out there, you don’t want to buy that.

You want to make sure that you buy high quality PLR. You want something that someone put time in creating.

Because when you are able to get good quality PLR you have less work to do. And that’s the main goal, to save time right?

And PLR content can be found for almost every subject under the sun. It’s just with certain subjects you might have to look a bit harder.

PLR Creators I Buy From and Recommend:

These PLR sites have some great niche PLR packs

Get Free PLR

Yes you can grab free PLR. But with this be double sure that you rewrite stuff (like all of it). Since it’s free it’s being used A LOT.

You can find a comprehensive list of available Free PLR downloads here in this post:

Get 2 Free PLR Credits per month by signing up with (TONS of niches covered by this site) One word of caution. I’ve had multiple times where they have shut down my account saying that I was using multiple IPs and creating fake accounts. Which I did not. So it’s probably best to just use the 2 free credits each month and be done with it. I would hate to think I had paid for a package and lost everything because of a software glitch.

Niche Starter Packs has a Free Self Discipline PLR Content Bundle.

She also has a Free Business Goal Planning PLR Bundle.

Also from Niche Starter Packs is a Free Done For You Report and Opt-In Page for “Meal Prep & Planning for Busy People”

And Free Blog Posts for Ways to Manage Working at Home.

Health and Wellness PLR has 3 Free PLR Packs available:

How to Use PLR to create more content for your blog or niche site.

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