Where to get Free PLR Downloads and Deals

Where To Get Free PLR Downloads and Deals

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Before you go and purchase PLR content to use, it is usually a good idea to sample that PLR seller’s products by getting some free PLR downloads.

Many reputable PLR sellers off free PLR downloads that you can get and use to help get more content on your blog.

Another great way to get PLR is to grab deals, most of the time you can get PLR bundles for great prices. So always be sure to stay on the lookout for good PLR bundle deals.

What is PLR?

If you have never heard of PLR before you might be wondering what it is.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. And the short short version is that it is content that is created by someone with the purpose of that content being that you will edit it and brand it to use on your website, in your email list, or for digital products.

What Do You Use PLR For?

PLR can be used for almost anything on your blog or website.

You can use PLR content to create articles on a blog, emails for your list, even videos for your YouTube channel.

Where to Get Free PLR Articles and Content

The free PLR content that is listed here are all from PLR sellers that I have used and find that the content is of good quality.

But make sure when using PLR to change it some, add your personal touch.

The general rule when using PLR content is to change at least 50% of it if you are using it for content on your website.

By doing this you don’t get seen by Google as copying other sites content, because PLR isn’t used by just one person. Other people buy the same PLR and use it too.

If you would like to know more about how to use PLR for creating blog content check out this post:

Free PLR Downloads

I will try to keep this page updated with the latest free PLR downloads as they become available.

Free Monthly PLR Downloads

PLR.me will give you 2 free credits every month to use on their PLR site when you sign up for a free account with them. They have PLR articles, checklists, reports, and much more available in all kinds of niches. But I would stick with the free account. There have been multiple incedents with my account where it was falsley flagged for activites I did not do and suspended. If I had paid for a package and lost everything it would have really sucked.

Internet Slayers is another great PLR site that you can get tons of free PLR to download and use for many niches.

Free PLR Recipes

Free Diet, Fitness and Nutrition PLR

Free Journaling PLR

Free Business and Marketing PLR

Free PLR Coloring Pages

Free Health & Self Care PLR

Free Productivity PLR

Free Goal Setting PLR

Free Alternative Medicine PLR

Free Money & Personal Finance PLR

Free Kids & Family PLR

Free Relationship PLR

Free PLR Coloring Pages

Free Social Media Tips and How To’s PLR

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Where to Get Free PLR Downloads to help you make more content for your blog

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