Where to find Free WordPress Themes For Your Blog

Awesome and Free WordPress Blog Themes

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After you’ve gotten you domain name, set up your hosting, and installed WordPress, you need a WordPress theme for your blog.

What is a theme? Well a theme is what makes your blog look good or bad. You want the looking good ones trust me, eyeball ninjas are no joke. Without themes WordPress blogs would be boring walls of text, that’s no fun.

When choosing a theme you can either go with the free version of WordPress blog themes or you can pay for a more polished version and technical support. Free versions are available from both WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

Most developers of WordPress themes have demos available for you to poke around in and see if you like what you see. This way you can try it out before you get around to downloading and installing the theme on your blog.

When you’re just starting out blogging, you may find that like many bloggers you want to go the free route when it comes to the first blog theme.

Choosing to use a free WordPress theme is fine to do. Free WordPress themes help you keep your initial blog starting costs down.

I’ve used plenty of free themes on my blogs over the years and never had any issues with doing so.

The main thing you might find is that some will slow down your site due to being bloated with so many features. So you just want to check loading times of any potential free WordPress theme you are looking at using.

Another important thing you need to look for in a WordPress blog theme is that the theme has a responsive design. This is very important so that your blog is giving a great user experience to your mobile readers.

Another feature to think about is if you are going to incorporate eCommerce into your blog. Keep a lookout for blogs that are compatible with your eCommerce platform of choice if you have a plan for this down the road.

The Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

One recommendation I have, no matter what WordPress theme you choose, get Elementor.

This is a tool you can use to help create awesome looking pages easily without having to know any coding. And you can do all of this with the free version, with the pro you get more goodies you can use on your site.

So if you want resource pages, landing pages, or even a pretty home page Elementor is great to use to make these for your blog.

Astra WordPress Theme

Astra WordPress Theme

Astra has both free and pro options as a WordPress Theme.

I use this theme on BloggingYourBlog.com along with Elementor as a way to help build pages and change up my customization.

This theme is super fast, cutting down your loading times for your blog. Once I started using Astra my scores on Google’s Page Speed Insights improved dramatically.

Savona – Multiple Free WordPress Themes

Savona Offers Several Free WordPress Blog Themes

Savona from Optima Themes has several free WordPress themes you can use for you blog, they also offer premium themes. All of the themes that Savona offers are responsive and have a modern and minimal design making these themes great for your reader’s experience on your blog. All Savona themes are also WooCommerce compatible.

Hemingway – Responsive Theme for Bloggers

Heminway is a beautiful and clean free WordPress Theme that is great for bloggers. Heminway features a minimalistic two-column theme that is fully responsive for you mobile users. You can customize your blog’s accent colors and header image in this free blog theme.

Maxwell – Great Free WordPress Blog Theme

Maxwell - Free Responsive Blog WordPress Theme

Maxwell is a minimal and clean WordPress Theme with a magazine type layout. Maxwell has a responsive design, theme customizer, page templates, and other great features.

Flat – Great Free WordPress Blog Theme for Blogs

Flat is a Free WordPress theme that is great for bloggers. It features a responsive two-column design. Flat is compatible with all major browsers and the theme is localized, meaning you can easily translate the built-text within the theme.

Revive – Free Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

Revive Free multi Purposed WordPress Theme

Revive is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that features a magazine layout that can be optimized for different site purposes. Revive has a responsive layout for mobile device readers of your blog. Revive is great for user experience when interacting with your website, and is WooCommerce compatible.

Nisarg – Free Fully Responsive WordPress Theme

Nissarg - Free Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Nisarg is a clean and minimal fully responsive WordPress Theme. This theme is great for travel, photography, art, and other creative WordPress blogs. Nisarg has a custom header and background, and is also translation friendly.

Journalist Feedly – Free WordPress Blog Theme

Journalist Feedly Clean and Modern WordPress Blog Theme

Journalist Feedly is a great responsive theme for many types of websites including blogs. The theme is clean and professional in appearance, with plenty of space available for ads if you are wanting to earn part of your blogging income from Adsense or other available advertising networks.

PenScratch 2 – Free WordPress Blog Theme

Penscratch 2 Free blog theme from WordPress.com

PenScratch 2 is a fresh and minimalist design that is great for sharing your writing in blogs. PenScratch 2 has a choice between a one or two column layout, the ability to customize the theme with your blog’s logo or a header image, and a custom background.

Radiate by ThemeGrill

Radiate is a responsive blog theme that is clean and simplistic. Radiate features a primary color option, custom background, and option to add custom CSS. It is also translation ready, with even more features available if you choose to go with the Pro option down the road.

Free WordPress Themes for New Blogs

Choosing one of these free WordPress themes for your blog should get you up and running. After you have your WordPress blog theme picked out and installed, you are ready to start pushing out that great content and get people excited about your blog and what you have to say.

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