how to come up with blog post ideas when you are stuck

What to do When You Can’t Think of a Blog Post Idea

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You’ve set up your blog.

You’ve given your all to your blog’s content.

Now you are stuck and can’t think of any blog post ideas.

Every blogger who has ever blogged has been there. Staring at the blank screen titled New Post and our mind goes just as blank as the screen. Stuck and a bit panicked, because every blogging tip says you need consistent content yesterday, and here you are not able to come up with anything.

It’s hard trying to keep up great content on a consistent basis. It’s especially hard to keep ideas flowing of what to make that consistent blog content about. In today’s post I’ve put together some methods and tools to help you when you’re stuck in a rut on your blog post ideas.

Brainstorm New Blog Post Ideas

Ok maybe not Charlie Intense brainstorming, but you get the idea.

Write down your blog’s niche topic, now start writing out things people would want to know about that topic. Think about your readers and what they might be asking you.

Google some of what you have come up with and see what is out there on the topic. Or even just brainstorm some keywords about your topic. Get the browser extension Keywords Everywhere and see what keywords people are searching with in relation to your topic.

Revisit Old Posts

Go back an revisit posts or social media posts where you’ve had engagement with your audience. Browse through these engagements and see if there are any questions they had that could be put into a more in-depth response in post topic.

Your existing information on your blog can be a wealth of knowledge for new ideas of what else to post about. Or even to expand upon, maybe there is something you can go into greater detail on in a blog series posts.

Read the Competition

Go out there and read what other blogs like your own are posting. Maybe it will spark ideas or maybe you feel you can add more to the topic.

While you’re there leave some comments and interact with the rest of the blogging community. This way you kill two birds with one stone.

Check Out Forums and Other Online Resources

Search for some online forums that deal with your particular topic and see what other people are talking about on there. This will give you an idea of things people are actively discussing and information they are seeking out about your particular niche. If you need blog post ideas, seeing what others are asking is where it’s at.

Reddit is a great source of information on any topic, and it’s the biggest forum out there, and it’s used by so many people. If you have a niche, Reddit has a subreddit on that topic.

Quora is also a great online resource. People ask plenty of questions about every topic you can think of. Make sure to pay attention to dates though, some of the information can be out of date if the question is from way back. A great example is “How to get traffic to my blog”, answers from 2014 and 2015 are not always going to apply to 2019 and beyond. The internet changes fast.

Answer The Public is an amazing resource and tool to use if you want to get ideas about a topic. Answer The Public will give you questions people are asking about a topic, related searches, long-tail keyword ideas, and things people compare that topic to.

Remember Your Beginning

Remember when you just started out learning what your blog niche is about?

What were some of the things you needed to learn? What were some of the questions you had that you had a hard time finding the answer to? Is there something you thought the experts in that topic were lacking in?

If so make it happen! Introductory to the basics and tutorials are great blog post ideas.

What is it You Don’t Know

Even experts still have some gaps to fill in when it comes to what they specialize in. Stuff would get pretty boring, real fast, if everything was easy to learn in full all at once.

Maybe there’s been something you’ve been meaning to research, why not make a blog post about it after you’ve finished learning what you need to learn.

If you were wondering and wanting to learn more about it, that’s a pretty good sign some of your readers might have the same need. This gives you a great opportunity for coming up with blog post ideas.

So go out and Google your questions. Check keyword tools to see what the outlook for keywords are and get to writing your blog post.

Take a Break

It may sound counterproductive, but maybe you’ve been hunkered down too long inside trying to push out content on your blog. Your brain needs rest too.

Go out for a walk, or even take a day off and go do what you enjoy. You can come back refreshed and ready to start with a sharp mind. You might be surprised how many blog post ideas you can come up with once you’ve given your brain the break it needs from trying to come up with blog post ideas.

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11 thoughts on “What to do When You Can’t Think of a Blog Post Idea”

  1. Loving this blog post. This is really informative to everyone who blog and any one who enjoys being creative. There are times when you really are stuck and unsure of what to do next but your tips are really helpful and encouraging. Keep on sharing

    Kaye –

  2. I think I have the opposite problem — I have like a million and one ideas for blog posts and I always struggle with what to write next! My main business is freelance writing so I’ve used all of these tips you’ve suggested to generate story ideas and I guess those habits have carried over to generating blog post ideas as well. One great free tool you can use to generate ideas is Keywords Everywhere. You type in a keyword and it’ll automatically give you a long list of keyword phrases that can spark some ideas. Great tips!

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