Easy Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

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Having a blog means you are going to be writing, probably a lot.

If you’re new to blogging it might mean you’re also new to writing and need to get some writing skills. If you’re a seasoned blogger you might just want to get some improvements on your writing skills.

We all started from nothing at one time or another. And thanks to the internet there are plenty of resources to help you brush up on your writing skills.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just like everything else that’s a skill writing takes practice to improve. You can’t expect to write like a seasoned author right out of the gates.

The more you write, the better you will become over time. So start giving your blog content the best you have right away so you can get even better as time goes on.

Why You Should Be Posting Your Best Content Now

Take a Udemy Class

Udemy offers many courses to help improve writing skills. Most of these classes go on sale for a great price. you should be able to snag one for $10 to $20 if you keep an eye on the course you would like.

Top Content Writing Courses from Udemy

SkillShare also has writing courses available. Some are free others do require a membership. There is a free trial available if you just want to go through a course or two real quick.

SkillShare Writing Courses

Books on Writing

There are many books dedicated to improving writing skills.

Some of the ones that are recommended often by bloggers are:

Read Read Read

Reading will expose you to other writing styles. And even more important that exposure to writing styles, reading will expose you to writing that is better than your own. We are looking for improvement here after all.

I personally make it a point to read at least one non fiction book per month. This not only helps with my writing skills but it also allows me to expand my knowledge on other subjects.

You can always read books about blogging and marketing when just starting out with your blog. That way you’re killing two birds with one stone. You can expose yourself to other’s writing and learn about ways to improve your blog as a business.

Another important place to get some reading in is other people’s blogs. Just like book authors, each blogger has their own writing style. Along with this while reading other blog post you can leave comments helping you become part of the the blogging community. This can also help spark some ideas on future content to add to your own blog.

Remember a Rough Draft is Just Rough

Rough Draft has the word rough in it for a reason. Your first round of a blog post is not going to be ready for publishing right then and there. You have to rewrite the post and fill out the thin parts. Then proofread, rewrite some more, proof read again, you know the drill.

Don’t get discouraged because you typed out your post and the first read through makes it look like you just turned in your first book essay back in grade school. It’s the first go round, sculpt it into your masterpiece through proofreading and editing. For instance this particular post took 4 rounds of proofreading and editing, over a several day period, before the publish button was used.

As you go through your blogging journey you will find that the editing won’t take so much once you’ve found your writing groove. You’ll become more relaxed with your own writing style and will not have to hesitate as much when writing out your thoughts.

Revisit Your Work

Revisiting your work is important for many aspects of blogging, but also to re-edit what you have written in the past.

In this digital age information changes fast, you might find you need to update your post. And as you have improved over time you might find some grammar mistakes you didn’t notice a month or a year ago.

Addons and Apps that Help with Writing

Grammarly and Hemmingway are the two most recommended tools to help with writing for blogs.

Grammarly is an addon for your browser. It helps detect grammar, spelling, word choice mistakes and more in your writing you do within your browser. Grammarly has a online text editor and the browser extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Hemmingway is an app you can download onto your computer that helps with your writing style. Hemmingway will determine the grade level of your text using the Automated Readability Index algorithm.

3 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills”

  1. I always need to remind myself about the rough draft is just rough. More often than not, I find myself posting and then going back and reposting numerous times after making additions/corrections. ALso seem to come up with things two to three days later in my mind that I left out of the post that I wish I would have included. I feel like letting the subject sink over a period of a time allows more to flow out and materialize.

    1. I do the same, I try to go back and add stuff when needed. Or if it’s enough I can make a post about I’ll make a follow up post.

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