How to Get Started With Pinterest For Blog Traffic

How to Get Started With Pinterest for Blog Traffic

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Do you love using Pinterest to find things? Many People do. And many bloggers don’t tap into this wonderful resource to drive traffic to their blog.

Just about everything we try to do around the house starts with using Pinterest to get ideas and visuals.

Pinterest is a pretty Google. It’s an eye-candy search engine.

Pinterest is king when it comes to getting traffic to your site from using visual graphics to get people to notice you.

When you are just starting out as a new blogger it can be hard to get traffic to your blog.

Usually it is best to only concentrate on one or two social media platforms as a way to get traffic for your blog.

I recommend Twitter and Pinterest as the two best to use when first starting out with your blog and social media promotion.

Facebook is also another good one. If you want to up your social media to three that is the other best one to go with.

Instagram is usually last, unless you are a fashion or beauty blogger. But even then Instagram requires a bit more attention to grow your audience on.

For a Money Making Blog You Need Pinterest for help with Blog Traffic

If you are blogging for a reason beyond a hobby, then Pinterest is a great place to get traffic for your blog.

Pinterest can put a jump start on driving traffic to your blog long before Google will.

If you are not planning to monetize your blog and not take it beyond a hobby status, dedicating time to optimize your Pinterest account and potential pins is probably not a needed time sink.

Get the Necessities

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast not only helps with SEO for your blog, but it also makes adding meta tags for Pinterest to your blog a breeze.

Install Yoast for WordPress

Sometimes WordPress installations will have Yoast already installed in the plugins.

But if not just log into your WordPress Admin then on the left hand side go to Plugins -> Add New Plugin and search for Yoast. Press install and then activate.

Pinterest Business Account

To maximize your Pinterest traffic for your blog it is best to sign up for a free Pinterest business account.

If you already have a Pinterest account, you can convert your existing account to a business account.

Claim your Site with Pinterest and Get Rich Pins

Once you have your business Pinterest account it’s time to claim your website.

Add Pinterest Meta Info Through Yoast

After you get the meta tag from Pinterest to claim you can easily add this to your WordPress blog through the Yoast Plugin.

From you WordPress Admin Dashboard go to the Yoast SEO Plugin on the left hand side menu and select Social. Once on that page select the “Pinterest” tab and you can add your Pinterest meta tag there. Once you have it entered hit the Save Changes button.

Pinterest can take a bit to verify the site sometimes. I had one site take a full day to get verified, and another just take a few minutes. So YMMV.

After you are verified then you need to apply for rich pins.

When you have Rich Pins, you have more information shown on your pins.

Make Good Images to Pin

Tools to Make Images That Will Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Pinterest is 100% visual.

Having visually appealing graphics is a must if you want to use Pinterest for blog traffic.


Canva is wonderful. They have a great free option as well as a subscription that gets your more perks and customization for graphics.

Canva has tons of templates to choose from for Pinterest vertical images.


PicMonkey is another great site for making Pinterest images. They also offer templates to help you with ideas for your pins.

They have a free trial you so you can give either their Basic or Pro plans a spin and see if you like what they offer.

Some people prefer Canva and others prefer PicMonkey. I recommend trying both out to see what you like better. You might even end up liking and using both.


Visme is a tool that is like Canva but specializes in infographics. You can see how they set themselves apart from Canva here.

Get Started Today with Pinterest for Traffic to Your Blog

Make It Easy For Your Readers

Don’t Make it Hard

So many times I end up on blogs where people want their content shared and there’s no share buttons.

Your readers don’t want to have to go through creating a social media post just to share your content.

Don’t make sharing your blog’s content difficult.

Get the Sumo plugin.

It is wonderful for creating easy to find share buttons for your content, and that’s a free feature. The UI for the settings is easy to use and you can select where you want the share buttons to go.

Take All the Help You Can Get to Get Pinterest Traffic


If there is one thing that I would not give up for use with Pinterest, beyond Canva for my images, it’s Tailwind.

Getting people on Pinterest to see your pins also depends on your pinning frequency.

The Pinterest algorithm likes to show people the pins of active accounts. But the key here is that the algorithm seems to favor an account that has pin activity throughout the day.

Tailwind helps you out on this. You can schedule pins to post consistently throughout the day. And you can set this for days in advance. So if you are going out of town, and are away from your computer Tailwind will keep your Pinterest account chugging along putting out pins.

You also get access to Tailwind tribes which help your pins get more repins.

You can get a free month to give Tailwind a try though this link.

Group Boards

When you are first starting out on Pinterest Group Boards are a huge help for getting your pins seen.

Group Boards on Pinterest already come with the followers of the creator plus anyone that has decided to follow that board.

When you are just starting out on Pinterest and have no or very few followers, boards can get your pins in-front of Pinterest users.

BloggingYourBlog has a Pinterest board for bloggers.

A great place to find other boards is PinGroupie.

Facebook Blogging Groups

Facebook has some great blogging groups you can join that have daily follow threads for various social platforms, and also blog comments.

With these groups just make sure you read the rules of the posts. Usually each post has requirements of a certain number of interactions.

Some of the best ones I’ve found so far are:


Just like the Facebook Blogging Groups, Twitter has some great accounts you can follow who do Pinterest threads.

Just like the Facebook groups, pay attention and follow the rules laid out in each promo thread.

How to Get Started With Pinterest for Blog Traffic | Get more traffic from Pinterest to your blog

Go Out There and Get that Blog Traffic

This should get you started on your way to getting traffic from Pinterest for your blog.

Are there any Pinterest tools that we didn’t list that you like to use? If so let us know below!

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