How to figure out who your target audience is

How to Figure Out Who Your Target Audience Is

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Content marketing for a blog starts with knowing who is your target audience. You can’t create great content for your readers if you don’t know who they are.

Without figuring out who your target audience is you cannot attract the best audience for your blog to reach goals you have set.

Reasons You Should Define Your Target Audience:

  • Finding your target audience ensures that you are creating the best content for your blog and for your readers.
  • It helps you better understand how to create content that benefits your readers needs and wants.
  • When you are able to create the content that your readers want you are able to achieve better conversion rates.
  • You can make money for advertising your blog go further when you know who needs to see your blog’s ads.

Define Your Niche to Help Find Your Audience

First part of narrowing down who exactly on the internet would be a part of your blog’s audience is you need to define you blog’s niche.

We have a great post on what exactly to do to figure out your niche if you have not done that already:

How to Choose a Blogging Niche

Once you have your blog niche decided, this will be the biggest chunk of narrowing down who exactly your blog’s audience is.

So lets say you’re blog is about cat booties, and it’s called CatBootiesRUs.

People who aren’t cat people are probably not going to be in your target audience. In addition to that people who just like cats a bit are also not going to be in your target audience.

Use Google Analytics

If you already have a blog up and running you can check Google Analytics.

Google Analytics will show you things like your visitors age, gender, interest, geographic location, and more. You will have to enable this within your Analytics account.

This will give you more of an idea who is interested in what you already have up on your blog.

Ask Yourself Questions About Who You Want Your Target Audience to be.

Maybe Google Analytics isn’t available to you yet because you have just started your blog.

Or perhaps you haven’t gotten the blog started yet but are trying to prepare posts and marketing strategies for once you have launched your blog.

What to do when you don’t have analytic details available?

Ask yourself about your target audience.

I know that sounds crazy, but lets walk through CatBootiesRUs Blog.

You have your niche picked, cat booties. You picked your domain out,

Now who are you going to be targeting for an audience?

Well it’s probably going to be people who are crazy about their cats.

People who aren’t absolutely crazy about cats aren’t probably going to be interested in a blog about putting booties on cats and buying those booties for cats.

So we have the target audience now drilled down to people who not only just like cats, but are crazy about cats.

What about income? More than likely it’s going to be middle class, after all people who might be crazy about their cats but are struggling financially aren’t going to think that cat booties are really worth the budget squeezing to make room for Fluffy to have some special attire.

What about gender? More than likely females are going to be the majority of your traffic. This is not to say men aren’t crazy about cats with cat booties, just that women are more likely to be on the level of getting Fluffy boots, or having multiple pairs of boots for Fluffy.

What about age? Again think about the type of person who would want cat booties. You’re probably looking at a range of mid to late twenties up to 60s. People just starting out in the adult world aren’t going to have the income to spend extra on pets that much. But once people hit the mid to late 20s they start having a bit more money to throw around for Fluffy. And up to retirement age would be a good bet on someone who will have the extra income for cat booties.

So now you know that CatBootiesRUs should have content created to be geared more towards working middle class females of all ages past 25.

There we just figured out a target audience for a blog without even having created the site yet.

Other things you can ask yourself about your target audience in addition to what we just went over would be:

  • What other interests would my target audience have?
  • How does my target audience spend their spare time?
  • What values does my target audience have?
  • What beliefs does my target audience have?
  • What social media platforms does my target audience use?
  • Does my target audience have children?
  • What brands are is my target audience likely to buy?
  • What countries would my target audience be located in?
  • What drives your target audience to make purchasing decisions?
  • Will your target audience grow or shrink as time goes on?
  • What other products and services does your target audience use that might be similar to what you are offering?
  • Who are your top competitors and what are they offering your target audience?

Now all of these might seem like something that you already need a base of an audience to sample from to get the answered to the questions.

But you really don’t. Yes it would be easier but this is still doable.

You need to envision your ideal customer/reader. Then answer the questions based on who you have envisioned, just like we did with the first few for CatBootiesRUs.

So Now We Find the Problem

Problem? What Problem?

The problem your target audience has that you are going to fix.

So back to CatBootiesRUs.

What is our ideal customer’s problem? Their cats have naked toes they feel need to be covered. They probably live where it’s cold or rainy and they want to let Fluffy be outside with them.


We have an social media crazed cat person who wants to dress Fluffy up for the tons of views they are about to get with cute cat booties on their cat.

There’s our problem, our customer either wants covered cat feet to avoid a wet/cold cat foot issue. Or our customer needs social profile views, so we need some cute and some water proof cat booties. And that is what we write about. Taaa Daaa! You just did your market analysis of your customer base!

How to Figure Out Who Your Target Audience is | Find out who your readers will be and how you can narrow down who your blog's target audience is.

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  1. Trying to figure out my blog’s target audience is definitely something I’m still working on. I write about several different topics and while they’re all connected in a way, I still don’t think I’ve quite hit on the secret formula for locking in a niche. I’m considering paying someone for a blog audit to see if they can help so that I can better target my content going forward.

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