Choosing a domain name for your blog

Tips for Choosing Your Blog’s Domain Name

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Choosing a domain name for your blog is like choosing a company name. Thought and consideration will be needed from you to pick the right one.

The domain name you choose is the key element of your blog, it can make or break it. You wouldn’t want a blog about birds to be called Even if you associate the fact that your dog likes to watch the birds out the window that doesn’t mean everyone else is going to think of birds with that domain name.

Tips for choosing your blog's domain name. Find out how you can get the perfect domain name for your blog.

Choose a Brandable Domain Name

Brandable and creative domain names will help visitors find and remember your blog on the web.

Brandable domain names help your site stand out from your competition. Having a domain name that is stuffed with keywords and generic sounding doesn’t stick out to anyone.

Go for the Long Haul

Your blog’s domain name is going to be one of the biggest things to define your blog and your brand for years to come.

If you decide down the road that you made a mistake, changing your domain name can be costly. You would have to change branding and restart on SEO rankings. Not to mention readers might not know where to find you once your domain name has changed.

Choose a Short Domain Name

Having a blog’s domain name that is too long and complex risks misspelling or mistyping by your readers.

Try to Use Keywords

When choosing your domain, try to use keywords that describe topic your blog is about. This helps improve your SEO for your blog.

Now this doesn’t mean stuff your domain name full of keywords, as discussed above you want something that is brandable and short. You also want to try to make this catchy while using keywords that relate to your niche.

Check Availability and Trademarks

Before you purchase your domain name, make sure that the name is available on social media sites and there aren’t any trademarks already registered for the name.

You can search for trademarks on

Use the Right Extension

Extensions for domain names are the .com, .net, .org at the end of a web address. Extensions have specific uses so you need to choose the domain name extension that is right for your blog.

.com is the most popular extension used for domain names followed by .net, .org, and .info. Getting a .com extension is usually best when buying a domain name. Almost 47% of domain names use .com.

See if Your Domain Name is Available

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Once you have determined the perfect domain name for your blog your next step is buying your domain name. is a great place to purchase and manage your domain names. I have been using them for years to manage my domains and will not use anyone else.

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Tips for Choosing Your Blogs Domain Name

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