The Best Money Making Blog Niches

The Best Money Making Blog Niches

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Are you wanting to start a blog, but want to make money and have a profitable blog? Do you need to know which niches are the best money making blog niches?

Many people start their blogs with the intention to make money from the start, and that’s ok. There is nothing wrong with having money as a motivator to start a blog.

Maybe you want to quit your 9 to 5 that you can’t stand. Or maybe you want more time home with your children. There are so many benefits you can get from making an income from your blog.

Many times wanting to make money from your blog will give you more motivation to keep going during the times that can be difficult when you start a blog.

When relying on your blog for income, you have many more reasons to work your way through the difficulties and see it through.

But in order to get the most out of having a money making blog, you need a money making blog niche.

In this post we will go over the best money making blog niches you should choose from if you want to have a blog that turns a profit.

Why Choose a Money Making Blog Niche?

I’m sure you’ve seen some of the blog income reports from popular bloggers, and you’re like “WOW, I would love to blog and make that kind of money.”

Many of us have that exact same thought when looking at the huge figures that are thrown around in these income reports from blogger.

But, there’s a secret here. These bloggers didn’t just start their blog up, then stumble around and fall face first into a big pile of cash.

Bloggers that make the big bucks strategically pick a blogging niche they know there is money in.

If you start a blog all about cat booties, well there’s not many people who are willing to put cat booties on their cats. And in addition to that there’s even fewer cats that will tolerate having cat booties. (I like to use cat booties in many of my examples so I’m not going to stop the tradition.) So in situations like this, sure you may absolutely love cat booties, and you may have the 1 in 100,000 cats who will wear them. But making big money from this is going to be hard.

Now on the flip side, if instead of doing your blog about cat booties, you go with a blogging niche of Getting Cute Cat Pictures. Well there’s going to be more of a market with this blog niche. First and foremost, cat owners LOVE to get the cutest pictures of their cats. Second you can feature your cat bootie wearing cat on your blog in cute pictures (so your dream has been reached for cat booties, you can even sell them in your shop!). Third, the internet was basically built for cute cat pictures. People can’t get enough of cute cat pictures.

So as you can see, you just increased your potential audience by millions.

And on top of that you increased the money making potential of your blog by choosing a blogging niche that can make more money.

And no, cute cat pictures is not one of the top money making blog niches 🙂 .

Sorry if you got all excited thinking taking cute pics of cats is going to be the golden goose 🙁 .

But as this example shows, your money earning potential from your blog does depend on your niche in a big way.

Now I know, I’ve said before your blogging niche needs to be something you are passionate about, and I still hold this opinion.

But we’re talking blogging for a pure income aspect here.

So throw passion out the window. Bring in “Can you tolerate talking about this subject till your blue in the face?” as the criteria for your money making blogging niche choice.

If you find one of your passions on this list of best money making blog niches, then go for it! You’ve just found the golden goose, start that blog today.

What is Needed for the Best Money Making Blog Niches?

You will need several criteria to be met to have a blog niche be an actual profitable blog niche.


You need the niche to be popular.

Money making blog niches require a broad audience and a need that many people seek out.

One way to check out if the blog topic is searched for often is to use Google Keyword Planner to see what the search volume is for keywords.

Your Own Interest

One thing you do need is to make sure you have at least some sort of interest in the subject.

No you don’t need to have absolute passion. But you need to be able to talk about the subject and have it perk some interest.

It’s not going to be too easy to have a blog that makes money if you dread having to do anything with it, because you absolutely hate the subject.

Affiliate Marketing

Part of your income with a money making blog comes from affiliate marketing.

So you need to make sure you have affiliate programs available to be able to use to help increase your earning potential.

Usually with the top money making blog niches, affiliate programs are abundant and have pretty good commissions.


Of course in order to make the big bucks, you need a lot of people to place your offers in-front of.

Yes if your niche is popular that means the traffic potential could be there. But there is always a chance it might not be.

A money making blogging niche requires that people go to the internet in order to seek information on a subject. So make sure it is something that many turn to Google to ask questions about.

The same as popularity, Google Keyword Planner can help determine traffic potential.

Purchasing Power

You need to make sure your potential audience has purchasing power.

For example if you are making a blog targeting and audience of those under 18, the purchasing power is going to be limited in that audience.

And again the purchasing power of those in their 30s and 40s is going to be higher than those in the age group of 18-22.

Digital Products

One optional requirement is the ability to sell digital products in the niche.

If you are able to make eBooks or courses that can help your readers, then this is an additional earning potential that your blog will have.

The Best Money Making Blog Niches | Find out which money making blog niche you need in order to make the most profit from your blog.

The Best Money Making Blog Niches

One thing to keep in mind: Any blogging niches that fall in the top money making blog niches is going to have tons of competition.

So to get the money from one of these blog niches you will have to elbow your way to the top. And you have to make sure to shine like the diamond that you are, so people and search engines will notice you.

1. Personal Finance

Personal Finance is a broad subject, and one that many people find confusing.

And this is also one of the most popular money making blogging niches out there right now.

Since it’s a subject that many find confusing, they will be turning to the internet to find help with the information that they need.

You can also branch into the Frugal Living niche with a personal finance blog. This is another niche that many people look to for how to save money.

2. Blogging Blogs

Blogging about blogging is another money making blog niche.

After all, a majority of bloggers are always looking for tips to improve their blogging.

Other bloggers will need tutorials. Some will need information on how to start from scratch. And then there’s marketing info, and the list goes on and on.

The traffic potential is there, since you have the audience potential of all bloggers.

3. Sewing

This one might be a surprising one, but it is one of the money making blogging niches.

Sewing might seem like an old fashioned subject, but it is quite popular. And due to many younger people not learning sewing, when you find yourself in need of learning how to sew you are going to turn to the internet.

One of the great things about this blogging niche is that you don’t have to wait for SEO to kick in. Sewing is quite popular on Pinterest. Using a combo of Canva and Tailwind (get a free month here), you can get tons of blog visitors coming to your blog in no time.

You could also combine this with fashion, by showing your readers how to sew their own clothes.

The sewing blogging niche doesn’t have to be old fashioned. You can make it quite modern and trendy when going with this blog niche.

4. Exercise and Fitness

This can be a boon for traffic and earning potential. Especially if you have any background in fitness.

Even if weight lifting or PiYo is something you have done to take care of your own body, you have a leg up on much of the population.

This is also a seasonal niche. People constantly search for fitness and exercise throughout the year, but there is a huge serge for the new year.

5. Diet and Weight Loss

Just like exercise and fitness, diet and weight loss is a topic that many people turn to the internet for help with.

The diet and weight loss market is one that never fades. It will have it’s insane traffic moments at the beginning of the year. But people look to loose weight all year long.

6. Mom Blogs

Mom blogs are very popular among bloggers. These many times fall under the Lifestyle niche.

You can have a blog that can cover many smaller niches with one mom blog. This allows your earning potential to have very few boundaries.

7. Lifestyle Blogs

While lifestyle blogs can cover many niches. Usually they focus on a broad niche such as pet lovers, new parents, travel, or pregnancy. Other times lifestyle bloggers will cover several broad topics including recipes, organization, and travel all rolled together.

Just like with mom blogs, lifestyle blogs broad niche approach to blogging leaves many ways available to earn money from your blog.

8. Food Blogs

Food is super popular, everyone loves it.

Combine this type of blog with Pinterest you have the potential for all kinds of traffic. After all food is one of the most popular categories on Pinterest.

You can use a combo of affiliate marketing and your own digital products (ebooks and cooking courses) to make the most with this blogging niche.

9. Make Money Online

Who doesn’t want to learn how to make more money. And making money using the internet is many peoples dream.

The making money online niche can be similar and even go with the personal finance blogging niche.

10. Fashion & Beauty Blogs

Many bloggers make good money with these niches.

You can combine your blog with Instagram and take advantage of influencer status to help drive even more traffic to your blog.

Adding in YouTube with this niche is also another way to bring in traffic and money.

You can monetize this niche in a variety of ways. You can use affiliate marketing, ads, and sponsored posts. Many bloggers in this niche make the majority of their income from sponsored posts and collaborations with their favorite brands.

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11. DIY & Crafts

Anyone that uses Pinterest knows how popular this niche is.

The traffic is out there, who hasn’t gone to Pinterest and looked at how to DIY pretty stuff for your house?

You can monetize this niche by selling your own products, selling patterns, affiliate programs such as Etsy through Awin, and many many other ways.

Just like the Food niche, with this niche make sure you get started and use Pinterest.

How to Create Your Money Making Blog

You will need to get a few things in order to make your own profitable money making blog.

Hosting and Domain Name

Once you have figured out which money making blog niche you want to go with, you will need to create your new blog.

I recommend Siteground when choosing hosting. If Siteground isn’t for you, another host I have used without any issues is HostGator.

To create your blog with SiteGround and get a domain name, I have a great Step By Step Guide for Starting Your Blog with SiteGround. Just follow the steps and you’ll have your blog up and running in no time.

Get Your Blog Started With SiteGround

Blog Posts

You need to have some blog posts written in order to get your blog launched.

Personally I would make sure to have at least 5 fully written and 5 more almost ready to publish. This way you can launch with a few and have some more that will be easy to finish up and publish in the first few weeks after your blog’s launch.

If you feel you need more than that, that’s ok. There is nothing wrong with having a bunch of posts all ready to go right at the blog launch. The more the merrier.

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If you need some ideas I have some lists for a few blog niches that will give you tons of blog post ideas:

Monetizing Your Blog

Once you have your blog launched now you can start looking at monetizing your blog.

There are some affiliate programs that you can start right away without a review of your site.

However many affiliate networks and some bigger individual affiliate programs will want to have a look at your blog before they approve you and your site. This is why it’s important to wait until after you launch your blog to monetize it.

If you need some help finding affiliate programs to join as a new blogger, check out this post:

Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers

You can also grab my free list of affiliate programs.

If you need to brush up on terms for affiliate marketing or just learn the ropes, check out this post:

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

The other option is adding ads, such as Google Adsense, to your blog.

Adsense isn’t the most profitable of ad networks. But to get approved for the most profitable, you need lots of traffic.

Since you’re just starting your blog off you have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is Adsense.

To make sure your blog is Adsense ready check out this post:

Things to do Before Applying for Google Adsense

Get Your Email List Started

Your email list is going to be your number one earner for your money making blog no matter what niche you choose.

So you need to make sure you can get this going from day one.

I recommend MailerLite for an email service.

They have a great user interface that makes it easy to start out when you are unfamiliar with all the new tech you are having to use when starting your blog.

In addition to the easy to use interface, the best part: You Start Out FREE!

With MailerLite, you can use them for free as an email service up to 1,000 subscribers or 12,000 emails per month. How great is that?

You can sign up for MailerLite here.

Email Service for Certain Niches

Unfortunately, there are some money making blog niches that can’t use MailerLite (many times the making money online blog niche can be disapproved). They do not allow certain material through their system, and your account won’t be approved.

From the MailerLite Terms of Use:

Mailer Lite ToS Appropriate Content.

So if your blog niche falls under these services, then there is a good chance that you will need to go elsewhere for an email service. In addition to MailerLite, other email service providers (like MailChimp) have the same requirements.

In situations like this it is best to go with AWeber as an email service provider. There is no free option, but they are more lenient when it comes to what you are emailing about.

Use Pinterest

Make use of Pinterest from the start of your blog.

SEO takes time, like 6 months at minimum.

So with wait times like that for Google to start sending you traffic, you need to use everything else at your disposal. And Pinterest is going to give you the best return on traffic.

Pinterest is not social media, it’s a visual search engine. So think of a pretty Google, but easier to make happy.

You can check out this post that will get you up and running with Pinterest:

How to Get Started With Pinterest for Blog Traffic

I would highly recommend getting an eCourse or eBook on Pinterest when using any of these blog niches.

Since Pinterest is going to be a big source of traffic for you, you don’t want to pass up any opportunities you have because you weren’t aware of how to utilize Pinterest correctly.

Pinterest Ninja can teach you tons of stuff about how to utilize Pinterest to it’s full potential. And it’s been recently updated to include changes in Pinterest in 2019.

You can grab access to Pinterest Ninja here.

Things to Remember After Starting Your Money Making Blog

There are some things to keep in mind when you are going after a money making blogging niche.

First and foremost, there is no guarantee that you will make money.

Just because you chose one of the best money making blogging niches doesn’t mean money will fall in your lap. No matter what you choose, you have to put in the work, time, sweat and tears into your blog to get a return.

You will have competition.

You will have to make yourself stand out.

You have to hustle in order to get a return.

All of this is true of any blog.

But when you are trying to elbow your way into a money making niche, it can take a bit more to make sure you stand out.

And even when you do start making a profit with your blog, it will not be something that happens overnight.

Also just like with any business, you will have to put in an investment.

You will have costs for at least hosting and your domain name at a bare minimum. At some point email service fees will come into the picture, and then there will be books and courses you will probably want to brush up on stuff.

And as you go on you are going to find you will want to purchase some services and tools to make life easier on you. And you’ll also be wanting to make your blog stands out, this can hit your wallet too.

So keep these things in mind when you are jumping into the blogging world.

While running a money making blog is super hard work and tons of dedication, it is so worth it.

Best Money Making Blog Niches Recap:

Best Money Making Blog Niches:

  • Personal Finance
  • Blogging Blogs
  • Sewing
  • Exercise and Fitness
  • Diet and Weight Loss
  • Mom Blogs
  • Lifestyle Blogs
  • Food Blogs
  • Make Money Online

Things You Need to Start Your Money Making Blog:

If you want, you can get access to some great freebies and tips for your new blog here:

So which money making blog niche are you going to choose?

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