How to Increase Email Open Rates With These Easy Steps

How to Increase Email Open Rates With These Easy Steps

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Are you wondering how you can increase email open rates within your mailing list?

Email marketing campaigns can only be successful and effective if your subscribers are opening and reading your emails.

And lets face it the last thing you want, after spending time creating your emails and content, is to not have many people pay attention to what you have poured your heart and soul into.

In this post I go over some easy steps you can use to help increase email open rates for your mailing list.

Increase Email Open Rates With These Easy To Implement Steps. Get more out of your email list and engage with your subscribers by getting more people to open your emails.

Easy Steps To Increase Email Open Rates

Make Sure It Says It’s From You

Many businesses send their emails from business’ name.

This is a mistake.

Send your emails as the From being your name.

Even I was guilty of sending as “Jo from Blogging Your Blog” and since I’ve changed it to “Jo Anderson” my rates have increased substantially.

Look at the picture below:

This is a side by side of one of my email accounts. On the left hand side is my Primary Tab and the right hand side is my Promotions tab.

The red circles are names used as the sender, the yellow is a mix of name and business (like my Jo from Blogging Your Blog). As you can see there is absolutely no red in the right hand side. Everyone that uses their names ends up in my primary tab.

Think about how often you look in your Promotion tab. I know I only seem to go there when I am actually looking for a specific email. So emails that end up in my promotions tab probably have a 0.01% chance of ever getting in-front of my eyes. This is super bad if you are trying to increase your email open rates.

So make sure all your emails are saying they are coming from you and not your business. This is going to be the absolute best way to increase email open rates on your list. After all if the email isn’t seen at all, there’s absolutely no chance of it getting opened.

Don’t Go Silent

You don’t want to not email your subscribers.

If your subscribers don’t hear from you on a regular basis they aren’t going to pay much attention when you do email them.

And on-top of that, you might be getting negative attention.

If they don’t remember who you are or why you have their email address you might end up getting spam complaints.

Getting spam complaints can hurt your ability to email out later on, or even get your email service to shut you down.

Test Your Emails

Get an email that you don’t use for anything, and send your email to that email as a test.

By doing this you can see where the email goes to. It might end up in the Promotions folder in Gmail.

If your email is ending up in promotion folders you are going to be getting really low open rates for your emails to your subscriber list.

If you do find that you’re ending up in the promotion folder, check to make sure you have your email coming from your name like described above.

Another thing that can trigger this, is words that make it seem like it’s a sales email. So make sure you don’t have subject lines that sound like a sales letter.

Clean Your List

I know even I’m guilty of sticking in some email address that I never use just so I can continue on to something I’m trying to view on a website.

Or sometimes maybe I’ll use an email I don’t use very often.

I’m pretty sure there are many of us that have done this here and there.

Even beyond using fake emails, or email accounts you never use, email subscribers can go stale over time.

Sometimes people change email accounts, loose access to email accounts, or just aren’t interested in your emails anymore.

These things happen, so you need to make sure you keep your email list cleaned out.

If you have someone that hasn’t ever opened any of your emails and they’ve been subscribed for some time, then get rid of them, they’re dead weight that isn’t helping your bottom line.

Create Curiosity

Use subject lines in your emails that make people want to find out more.

If you don’t have subject lines that are good and perk people’s interest you aren’t going to be getting many open rates when you send out your emails.

There are many tactics people use.

Some people will just put one word in the subject line.

Others will put hilarious one liners that make people just go “What in the world are they talking about?”

You can also try questions, FOMO, or cliffhangers.

The purpose of your email subject is to get your readers to open your email, just like the blog post title is to get people to click on the blog post.

So if you’re looking for the 2nd best way on how to increase email open rates, then the subject line that creates curiosity is it.

Resend Your Emails

Email services have many cool features.

One of the features that MailerLite and other services have available is allowing you to resend your emails to those who didn’t open it the first time.

With MailerLite you can set it up before you even send the first email by using their Auto Resend feature.

So be sure to check and see how your email service can help you increase email open rates with features they have available. You might be surprised at all the little neat things you can do.

Pay Attention to The Day You Email

Weekend open rates, according to most data, are always lower it seems. (Except for GetResponse’s data on open rate. Somehow their data shows the opposite of most data on open rates.)

The majority of data collected has shown it is best to send your email out on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

If you only have certain days to work on your emails, with a mailer service like MailerLite or AWeber you can schedule when you emails will be sent out. So you can get everything set up and let it run when you want it to during the week.

But like most things YMMV, so test things out and pay attention to when your subscribers respond the best.

Try to be optimal for your audience. As it is going to depend on your target audience as to when they will have their eyes on their email.

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Increase Open Rates from Your Mailing List
How to Increase Email Open Rates

Don’t Have a Mailing List Yet?

Getting started with a mailing list for your blog is super easy!

First you need an email service. I use and recommend MailerLite, unless you are in a niche like “how to make money online” then I recommend Aweber.

With MailerLite you can use it for free up to 1,000 subscribers or 12,000 emails per month.

Once you get your email service, you can make your sign up forms through the service and then get them onto your blog.

If you need help getting sign ups check out my post on Opt In Freebies.

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