Increase traffic to your blog without social media

Get Traffic to Your Blog without Using Social Media

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Have you just started your blog and need to get visitor traffic to your blog? You’ve gotten your domain name, you’ve set up your hosting, and installed your blog. But now you need people.

Growing your blog traffic is an ongoing activity that you will always need to work on. There are plenty of techniques to increasing traffic to your blog. Right now we will focus on getting traffic to your blog without Social Media.

Lets face it Social Media and blogging can cover an entire book. How to get promote your blog for free and drive traffic back to your blog will require some work.

But you don’t need to just focus on Social Media to drive traffic to your blog or website. None of these are ways are the fast lane to thousands of page views a day. But Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are your blog traffic numbers.

A successful blog is a marathon not a sprint. If you want get rich quick, then this probably isn’t for you. Blogs require work and devotion to build up traffic and returning readers.

Quality content will help drive traffic to your blog/website

Quality and Consistency for Blog Traffic

Quality over Quantity

When writing posts for your blog, think about your reader’s needs. How can you help other people coming on to your blog? Your blog posts should be useful and practical.

Posting quality posts is better than an abundance of posts. Blog posts that aren’t adding much to your blog and aren’t engaging your readers will hurt your blog more than help when it comes to keeping readers coming back. Would you keep coming back to a blog that adds nothing to your day?

Quality content that produces engagement from your readers will also help generate traffic from search engines.

Create Consistent Content

Posting consistently on your blog is important.

Be engaged and be active within the blogging community.

What might be not so old out in the real world is old on the internet.

Research for your Content

Make sure to research your content that you are putting out on your blog.

You can go through bigger blogs in your niche and look through their most popular posts. See if you have anything you can also contribute to that same topic.

Being apart of the Blogging Community will help drive traffic to your blog

Be A Part of the Blogging Community

Links back to your blog will help with creating traffic from search engines. But make sure these are quality links, you don’t want only spam sites throwing links your way, that will hurt your SEO.

Comment on Other Blogs

Leave insightful and helpful comments on other’s posts. Do not leave generic comments. Leave comments that add to the conversation of the blog post. If what you comment adds to the conversation this will entice other readers to visit your blog. This is a great free way to send traffic to your blog.

Being one of the top 4 commenters on blog posts will also help with traffic to your blog. More readers will see the top comments than the bottom comments. This will increase the views that your comment will receive thereby increasing your blog traffic from that comment.

Share Other Blogger’s Posts

Link to other blogger’s posts. Now you can use social media for this one if you want. But if you don’t want to use social media you can always link to posts within your own blog posts. Or you can do a post that is a Top Posts for Insert Subject Here and list out other blog posts.

This will build up your reputation within the blogging community which in turn will lead others to link to your blog giving you more traffic.

Guest Post on the Right Blogs

Guest posting is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. But you need to be sure to posts on blogs within your niche. Also make sure you will be guest posting on blogs where the audience would be potential customers.

You wouldn’t want to go on a professional bodybuilder web site to talk about how to start out exercising, that would not be the right audience.

Build your email list to help generate returning traffic to your site

Build Your Email List

Building your blogs email list is very important to help drive traffic to your blog. You want to begin building your email list from day one.

A great tool to help manage your email list is ConvertKit.

Landing Pages

If you’ve done a guest post, send readers to a landing page to help boost your subscriber list.


Offer freebies that are valuable to your readers to get them to subscribe to gain access. Valuable freebies will be quick to implement and offer great advice.

Sign Up Boxes

Place your email sign up boxes strategically on your blog.

Ideal places would be at the beginning, middle or end of your blog post. Also the sidebar of your blog is a great place to place your sign up box.

Get Traffic to Your Blog without using social media

Do you have any tips you use to help drive traffic back to your blog that doesn’t use social media?

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