Why You Should Be Posting Your Best Blog Content Now

Why You Should Be Posting Your Best Blog Content Now

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You’ve just started your blog. You’ve purchased your domain name. You’ve set up your hosting. Now you need content.

But should you wait to try to put out your best quality content?

No. Do not hold back on publishing your best content on your blog.

Don’t wait for a certain number of views per day or a certain number of email subscribers before you bring out your big guns.

Don’t try to be “perfect” either. Waiting until you get that blog post “perfect” to hit the Publish button is not going to get content on your site at all. What is perfect anyway? There is not predefined perfect blog post. If there was then there would only be one blog and no one would bother. You always have something different to offer than the other guy.

That’s the beauty of blogs. Blogs are a reflection of the author. They are perfectly imperfect just like we are.

Yes there are tons of other blogs out there and many in your same niche. Your niche might be so saturated it may seem hopeless to you. How can you compete against so many other websites?

By offering good quality content on your blog, the best you can deliver to your readers that’s how.

I’m sure if you start looking around at some of the blogs in your niche you are going to find many that you may feel you can deliver better content and better products. And probably present it to your audience in a better way.

Quality Blog Content Is Here To Stay

You might be worried that no one is going to read what you say. And in all reality that could be the case, for today. But what about tomorrow, and the next day, the next month?

If you put your all into the content you are creating RIGHT NOW, then that quality content will be there for those readers tomorrow, the next day, the next month, even the next year.

Just because no one is reading it today, doesn’t mean they won’t read it at some point. Quality content stays on your blog and helps bring people to your blog. If you hold off on putting it out there then you are holding off on bringing in people to read what you have on your blog.

Blogging is not instant gratification. To be successful with a blog you have to be in this for the long haul. That means putting on your A game every time you put content on your blog.

You Can Revise Old Blog Posts and Pages

As you continue to blog you will find your writing skills improve and evolve. Along with your own skills, information changes over time.

Over time more information about a subject is discovered or available. Your knowledge of the subject will be better as time passes also.

You should always be trying to keep your content relevant and improve post and page quality when you can. You might write a post today and discover some more info that you can add to it next week.

Social Media and SEO Take Time

You should be incorporating social media to some extent even when just starting out with your blog. It takes time to build a following on any of the social media platforms.

When you publish your content the first thing you should do is promote that post through your social media platforms. No that doesn’t mean you have to pay anything. Make a pin for Pinterest, share the post on Facebook and Twitter.

SEO for your blog can take even longer than building your social media following. This is why it is even more important to be putting out quality content in every post you publish. SEO requires quality content.

For SEO you need to make sure your posts aren’t super short, at least 300 words. But the more the merrier, just make sure you aren’t babbling on and on trying to get that magic 2K+ mark and loosing your readers interest in the process. I try to aim for at least 800 words, but sometimes I still fall short of that goal. And that’s ok. I don’t want to loose my readers because I tried to stuff a few hundred more words into my post and they got bored or annoyed.

You want to incorporate headers to break up your content. Use quality images that relate to your post and make sure to use your alt tags and name the image file properly.

Google raising the SEO bar continuously is a good thing. It allows you a better chance of ranking higher when you focus on creating quality content on your blog. SEO is an ever evolving subject, algorithms change with the seasons. But this is improving chances for those that take care of their blog content instead of just trying to be a keyword farm.

4 thoughts on “Why You Should Be Posting Your Best Blog Content Now”

  1. This is a great post! I had the hardest time at first getting the hang of SEO. In addition, I am finding that it does take time to grow my social media accounts. But, I’m starting to get the hang of things!

  2. Great post- so easy to lose sight of the important stuff when faced with a barrage of blogging info.
    Really key for me to remember content and community are key, and it takes lots of time. Not to get too distracted by the numbers or how fast thing-gummmy-bob.com is putting out posts.

    Many thanks,
    Spence 🙂

  3. Great post! I always plan blog content in advance and then keep good posts for later in the month – I now wonder why!? I constantly revise old content and pins as well, so surely it makes so difference.

    Thank you for confirming these thoughts in my head!

    – Nyxie


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