Get Your Domain Name for Your Blog

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Go to and log into your account.

If you do not have a NameCheap account sign up for one.

Once you are logged into your account in the upper Menu select Domains and then Domain Name Search.

Domains -> Domain Name Search

Enter the domain name you wish to buy

A list will come up showing you what is available for the domain name you have chosen. Keep in mind .com’s might be taken.

If the domain name you want is available press the Add To Cart button next to the domain you wish to purchase.

Select what addons you would like to add and then press View Cart.

NameCheap offers WhoIsGuard for free forever.

Choose WhoIsGuard when buying your domain name

Select if you would like PremiumDNS.

Once you are done selecting press the Confirm Order Button

You will then be taken to the Place Your Order screen, this lists the details of your order for your domain name. From here you can enter in your payment details and other personal info.

It is best to select to have your domain name automatically renew, domain names can get snatched up by people just waiting for you to forget to renew your domain name.

Once all your details are entered press the Pay Now button.

That’s it now you have your domain name!

If you already have hosting you will want to Set Up Nameservers information next.