How to write a blog post when you hate writing

How to Write Blog Posts When You Hate Writing

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Words can be hard to come by sometimes. They can be especially hard to come by when you hate writing. But you have a blog you are trying to get up and running.

Sometimes it just might be that day or week when you just hate writing. Or maybe you have always hated writing. Maybe you just don’t have time to sit down and get your words out by typing.

So what to do when you aren’t feeling up to writing or don’t have the time to write a made from scratch blog post?

Record Yourself

When you hate writing, or you don’t have the time to construct a blog post, you can always record yourself.

Sometimes talking out a post is just what you need to get the blog post started.

There are plenty of audio recording apps available for your phone or tablet. Download an app, start it up and talk out your blog post.

This is great when you have a hard time getting blog posts started or if you are just strapped for time.

Plenty of bloggers have full time jobs and families in addition to running their blogs. So this alternative allows you the ability to do house chores, drive to and from work, or get some walking or biking in while you construct your blog posts.

After you have it all out and recorded, you can then turn it into your blog post.

I know, I know, that’s still writing.

But you’ve gotten the hardest part out of the way and that’s getting your thoughts out and forming what your blog post is about.

BUUUUT You REALLY Hate Writing Any Part Of Your Post

There’s a way around you ever having to touch the keyboard to get the post constructed entirely.

You’re only keyboard part has to be copy and paste and well finding someone to do all the typing for you.

If you really really really don’t want to have anything to do with getting the words on the screen, you can always pay someone to transcribe what you recorded.

You can use freelancing sites to find someone for a set fee to write the post for you.

Some options for these services are:

Have Someone Do it All For You

If recording your thoughts into a blog post isn’t up your alley, you can always hire someone to do all the work for you.

The sites listed above can be used to find writers who will do SEO research and an entire post with a certain amount of words. This can be done for any topic you request.

Of course this will cost more. But this way you don’t have to spend all the time doing the keyword research or the SEO tweaking for your blog post.

Other Options that Still Involve Writing

So what if recording yourself or paying others is not what you want to get your blog posts completed?

There are some other ways to get your blog posts written if you hate writing.


It still involves writing. These tactics just help those who hate writing, well write.

Use PLR Products

PLR is short for Private Label Rights.

These are articles, ebooks, reports, checklists, worksheets, and much more that other people create and sell to you with a licence that allows you to use this content as your own.

If you would like to learn more about how to use PLR to create content on your blog check out this post:

There is also a list of places you can get free PLR products to download and use.

Write Like You Talk

Just start typing it out like you’re having a conversation. Stick a stuffed animal (or real animal) on your desk and talk your post to it while you are typing.

Using your own talking voice instead of trying to figure out what exactly people are looking for in writing can help you get over hatred of writing.

I always dreaded writing, that’s because I was always writing for professors or teachers about things I cared nothing for. That’s a guaranteed way to make sure someone will hate something when they aren’t comfortable doing it.

Use Your Headings

When it’s hard for me to get the blog post fleshed out and I’m just not feeling up to it, I’ll just type the outline out through my headings in the post editor. I usually have several drafts in my posts with this at all times.

Just typing out the main ideas of your post is a great way to get the outline of your post. After that’s done you can go do something else and come back later to flesh out the wording and get more ideas flowing.

Free Blog Post Worksheet

Start Off With a Blog Post Worksheet

Just like above but on paper. Write out your blog post title, main ideas in section headers and then some more detail thoughts later on.

You can get a free Blog Post Worksheet you can get by signing up below:

Watch YouTube


Yeah that’s right, but not in the way you think.

Search YouTube for the subject you are wanting to get a blog post out about.

Trust me someone probably has something on it, unless you’ve come up with the most original blog post ever. If you have then don’t listen to any of this and just write the thing already, trust me it will be worth it.

You would be amazed at what your mind can come up with when you start listening to people talk about what you are wanting to get a post up for.

Search and Read

Just like with YouTube, doing a web search for the topic you are wanting to write a post about and reading what others have put out there will get your brain rolling with ideas.

What Ways do You Use to Get Over Not Wanting to Write?

Do you have some tips or tools you use when you just can’t bring yourself to write a blog post?

If so let us know below!

If you hate writing but want to create loads of blog articles or content for your niche site then find out how to write a blog post when you  hate to write.

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